Warlock Deck Lich King

warlock deck lich king. our even warlock deck guide takes a look at this popular warlock archetype in rastakhans rumble our guide features a mulligan guide play strategy card substitutions deck winrates and goes through the insandouts of slow and aggressive matchups, warlock deck lists warlock decks have always been very versatile due to a very strong hero power warlock can easily slide into aggro midrange or control and even go into combo because of its ability to draw cards, hearthstone database deck builder news and more the lich king

Outdoor Splendiferous Hearthstone Warlock Deck Applied To

gunship armory is a world of warcraft object that can be found in icecrown citadel in the container objects category added in world of warcraft wrath of the lich king

the lich king battle overview first lets briefly go over the fight the lich king starts with 30 health and 30 armor and his starting hero power summons 22 ghouls, hearthstone database deck builder news and more show standard only, this midrange hunter build is an updated list for the wild meta the deck takes advantage of many powerful deathrattle minions to keep a strong board presence to keep up heavy pressure on opponents

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